Wednesday, September 21, 2005

making your presence known

I've been pretty miserably sick the last couple of days (partly pregnancy related and partly a cold). (add apples to the growing list of foods to avoid.) I'm learning how to take care of this baby. To give him/her good things to eat, lots of naps, plenty of water.... I'm learning this while the bean is still on the inside.

For me, this year has all been about waiting. Waiting for school to start, for it to end, to stop feeling sick, for baby to be born.

I'm thankful that we're designed to carry a baby for nine (10!) months before they magically appear. This design is so smart. Imagine just instantly having a baby without the weeks and weeks of anticipation and preparation and pain. That's how I would have designed things...not a smart design at all!!!!

Always know little bean, that you are worth the wait. I'd gladly throw up a tree full of apples to hang out with you. We're going to have a great time together.