Sunday, October 16, 2005

parents' weekend

We just got back from a much needed little mini-break at the Oregon Coast. Nate and I stayed at this hotel that is literally right on the ocean. It was a typical Oregon Coast weekend, beautiful mist and grey skies. We mostly stayed indoors except to venture out for coffee in the afternoon.

Highlights of the weekend for me were playing Scrabble (and, shockingly losing twice!) and having my first room service meal ever (what fun!). Nate explored the wonderful world of cable TV (sorry baby, your parents have 3 channels for you to choose from).

On the car ride out we discussed possible names for you, boy names are easier for us than girl ones...not because we're hoping a boy...I think that is mostly because I am more picky about girl names. Don't worry, baby, I won't let your dad do anything too bizarre with your name.

We came home refreshed after a long week.