Friday, November 18, 2005

dear baby...

it's amazing how much i think about you. and wonder about you. and look forward to your arrival (though i wish you'd pick a different way to enter the world). i've read books that have scared the living daylights out of me regarding the subject of your entrance, but i'll be brave. it's for a really good, tiny cause.

next week we find out if you are a boy baby or a girl baby. i can't believe that is happening so soon. there is lots to do. there are leisure suits to buy, and cribs to build. not that i want you to worry about these things.

we love you. we talk to you all of the time. the other day i took you shopping and stopped for a soft pretzel with cheese. this is something that your grandma used to do with me. i'd put pennies in the fountain and just loved those times. i see things now and look forward to sharing them all with you: walks with monkey, leaves changing color, soft pretzels with cheese.


Melissa Curtis said...

Hi this is Melissa! I cant wait to see you at Turkey Day and shopping i hope you nate and tiny curtis have a fab day

Melissa Curtis said...

i g2g bye