Monday, December 05, 2005


Baby girl has been moving like crazy this week. She seems to be a big fan of orange juice and shows her enthusiasm for it by ramming her little self into my much, much bigger self. I love this stage of pregnancy. I'm bigger, which is a weird thing to love, but so is she- and it's great to feel her roaming around. Recently she visited a movie theater, dinner at the Montage and church- all three of these places made her bounce around like she's had a big hit of orange juice. All of this is so much fun it almost makes Nate want to carry her for a while.


Micah Kavedzic said...

O Kar, I realize I am writing this for all the world to read, but your letters make me cry. Thank you for sharing your heart and all that you are going through. I finally got to read through the last two months of updates and I feel that I have missed so much being so far away, but you are in my thoughts and prayers. I also read about your grandma and I cried again. I love you Kar! Tell your little girl hello. Know I miss you lots! Micah

Their Giant said...

I'm so glad you're's strange and good to be able to share all of these changes (even if it is with the whole world wide web). I love reading your Albanian stories too...& can't wait for you to meet our little girl.