Thursday, April 20, 2006

nervous nellie

Yesterday the bean was not her normal exuberant self. She usually likes to sleep til about 10:00 in the morning and then starts her kickboxing and aerobics routine. Yesterday, I felt nothing. My midwife likes to remind me that if I don't feel her move a certain amount that I should come in for a non-stress test. Basically, they wire up the belly and monitor the baby's heart rate and movement. By 1 PM, I was worried. The bean and I even visited Nate's shop and had him bang all kinds of loud things in front of her and she didn't stir.

As soon as I got to the midwife's office and was wired into the apparatus, she felt compelled to jump all over the place like her usual self, which was a good thing. I'm scheduled for 2 more appointments and an ultrasound next week, but let's all hope for a baby before then.


Holly said...
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Holly said...

Sounds scary! I'm glad all is well.

rae ann said...

that happened twice when i was PG with stella... she'd stop moving and i would count the minutes. both times, we ended up at the hospital for a non-stress test. as soon as they put that monitor on, she was kicking right under it. i felt like such an idiot, but our mommy worries shouldn't be taken lightly. sending some serious labor vibes your way!