Friday, April 14, 2006

overdue? you?

Last night was a full moon and I was hoping that the bean would make her grand appearance, but not yet. According to the ultrasound, she's supposed to be here on Easter, and I have a tiny dress for her (or pants if she's more of a pants girl) but I have a feeling I could be saving those for a while. Since only 5% of babies are born on their due dates, I'm guessing she'll be nice and late.

For those who are wondering about our birth plan, it will just be the two (and then 3) of us plus the nurses and midwife when baby Claire arrives. Nate will post here soon after she comes. A call to Julie and Tiff is likely as they are both never far from their cell phones. And of course , we'll be calling the grandparents.

A friend asked me the other night if I was nervous about the labor part. I feel like I should be, but really, what's that going to do? Every part of this experience has been different than I'd imagined it being and I can't wait to work hard to get her out so I can work hard at loving her and being her mama.


rae ann said...

aww, fun seeing you guys here! sounds like you all three are doing well. kari, i'm starting to feel your pain... although, we still have another 6 weeks to go. let me know if it would be okay for me to add a link on our blog to your's. best of luck and keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're not nervous. I know you'll be great both in the delivery room and afterward (as a mom!). I keep checking the website, hoping to see a little photo of newborn Claire... can't wait to see her little face.

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