Monday, April 03, 2006

welcome baby girl.

This week a baby was born. No, not that baby. Her name is Kyleigh Kellan. She is the bean's newest cousin, and I'm trying hard not to be jealous that Val gets to hold her baby on the outside. I've been trying to bribe the bean with promises of trips to the park, delicious breastmilk and the most beautiful baby room you've ever seen, but so far she seems quite content to hang out somewhere under my ribs. Her favorite place is far, far on the left side of my torso giving me a nice, lop-sided look. She will be here soon, at least that's the promise from the midwives. Weeks ago, I thought it would be ideal for her to hang out inside for as long as possible so I could finish up the semester of school. Oh, naive first time I am convinced that the best place for her to be is in my arms.

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