Friday, June 23, 2006

a letter to my 2 month old baby girl

Dear Claire,
It is quiet here this morning. Auntie Scoobs took you for a walk so I could finish my homework before my noon deadline (thank you, Sar). I finished in record time. You'll be two months old on Saturday and we'll celebrate with your first trip to the coast. This has been a month of firsts. This month, you fell in love with your pacifier.
You started wearing bigger tiny clothes. You started cooing and laughing and smiling. You slept through the night (twice!) We started taking a bath and reading a story every night, which we both love. We continued to take walks each day, and now you're a regular at the Wednesday Farmer's Market. I watched as you looked with wonder at your first dragonfly...your huge eyes got even bigger and you gave me a look of "we didn't have these where I come from!" One final first worth noting, this month you started your exercise routine. Here you are after a workout. You're such a fun girl and I'm loving watching all of your big and little firsts.

I love you,