Tuesday, June 13, 2006

we will. we will rock you.

Claire has this tiny pair of pajamas that were the first thing I put her in when she came home from the hospital. That first day she seemed so small and the jamies were so big. All of her clothes seemed big then. It was such a surreal feeling having this baby in my house with no nurses around to tell us what to do and check how many times she'd pooped in the last hour. Already there's a little less room around the feet of those pajamas than there was a few weeks ago. Every time I put her in them I am reminded that it won't be long and she'll outgrow them.

I am telling myself this because Claire had a rough day today. She wanted to be held every second and was fine as long as I rocked her. Today I had an actual little fantasy dream about mopping my kitchen floor. It did not happen. Babies teach us about living in the moment. It won't be long and those polkadot pajamas with feet will be in a box in the attic or handed down to another baby. I am telling myself this because the day will come when she'll move too fast to nap with her mama. I am telling myself this in order to pay attention and not miss it.


Anonymous said...

Darn you! I sang "We will, we will ROCK YOU!!" to myself all day today.

Anonymous said...

Great insight Kari! I tell myself to deal with the rough moments and know that they will change and pass into a different phase. I was just looking at a picture of my girls tonight when they were 10 and 7. Now they are 10 and 13 and I know those young years are passing by. I love my girls growing older but they are getting too big to rock on my lap! (It hurts my legs now!) I miss those sweet moments. Mary Ann