Monday, July 10, 2006

for the love of claire

She may tell you that she missed the weather. Or her friends. Or her first born daughter. But we know the truth. Grandma and Grandbob are moving back to Oregon to watch Claire grow. We are excited to have them closer and out of the crazy hotness that is Temecula. Welcome home.


Anonymous said...

her eyebrows are most definitely up. she was not into that photo, but what a great face! i miss you friend.
love scoobs

Anonymous said...

Sarah just sent me the link to your blog. It is fabulous. I have stayed up far too late reading every single entry and following each link. I have laughed, cried, and even made Keith read parts. You are a gifted writer and should try to publish this...seriously. Congratulations!

We love our little girl, Ela, so much that we decided to have another baby. Jake is about a month older than Claire and he is absolutely delightful. Maybe he and Claire can meet someday.
Beth(any) Barker

Their Giant said...

Thanks, Beth. You are so kind. Sar showed me Jake and Ela's pictures online too...they are beautiful! Thank you for reading!