Monday, July 24, 2006

really...three months?

Dear Claire,

Little one, you are amazing. You suck your thumb with abandon. During your naps, sometimes it will wiggle free from your mouth and you will chase it around with your whole body. Sometimes, you'll shove the whole hand in there for good measure. Or, you'll do a little pacifier/thumb combination that is pretty sweet to behold.

Speaking of hands, you've mastered the art of clutching things with your fingers. It just floors me that I knew you before you had hands.

You've been sleeping 8ish hours every night for the past several weeks and for that I am eternally grateful. You giggle and laugh and smile. I love that your favorite people to smile at are big men with goatees. I love how excited you get at bath time, or checking out trees when we go for walks, or looking at mirrors.

Has it really been three months, Clairegirl?

Happy birthday, baby.



The Godels said...

Wow look at my girl! Claire you are so beautiful, I just can't wait to see you in person and hold you for the first time! I hope it doesn't have to wait too much longer. You and Kyleigh will have so much fun tormenting Aiden, and trust me that's just what he needs!

A kiss on the cheak, for my favorite Niece!

Love to you always!
Uncle Dave

Anonymous said...

aw, you finally got a picture of the thumb-sucking...i'm glad i could be a part of that via the telephone! she's perfect!

Anonymous said...

Dang it! You made me cry at work again!!:) You are such a love, my darling daughter.

rae ann said...

aww! that's such a sweet letter to little C. aren't little girls the best?!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, wonderous babe!
We love you little Claire.

PS Kyleigh really digs the fist-in-mouth thing too. Lovin' the drool!