Wednesday, August 30, 2006

beach weekend

Our little family is still recovering from a long weekend trip with the big Curtis family. Claire did great considering she was around a ton of people and was way off of her routine. The little one was so tired after a fun weekend, that she slept the entire way home from Lincoln City (that's 2 full rounds of the Jack Johnson CD that sometimes makes her happy in the car- thank you, Milsteads).

These are a few shots from our trip.This was taken at the docks close to the "sea dogs"- Nate's favorite. A highlight was listening to Nate describe the scene to our girl as one "dog" pooped on his uneffected friend. It was fun to visit familiar places for the first time with Claire. I loved watching her watch the fish at the aquarium. It amazes me how much more aware of her surroundings she is now. Not that long ago, she was content to stare at her hands. She regarded fireworks shows, new faces, and Winco with about the same enthusiasm. Now, she gazes thoughtfully at the world around her. Here she is under the big tunnel-o-fish, exploring from her stroller.

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