Saturday, August 19, 2006

hands, legs and the whole girl

These are all from the last week. I love this picture because it has all of our hands and was taken on a great, lazy morning.

After multiple fiascos, a ridiculous mapquest map, 2 diaper changes and a meal, Auntie Danielle and I returned home with the Jump-a-roo, so far it remains a stand-a-roo, but she seems to like it.

This one was taken by Daddy on a morning when he should have been at work. Three Cheers for self-employment!


Anonymous said...

I am sure glad she likes that after all that trouble!...i was sure glad to spend time with you and her though!

Aunt Dani

Anonymous said...

I'm digging the green pants! Wish they had them in my size:)

Their Giant said...

Cyn-they're babylegs...basically, legwarmers for babies (a WONDERFUL invention!) maybe you could wear about 3 per leg :)