Thursday, August 24, 2006

happy birthday, big standing up girl.

Happy Birthday, big girl. You have been so much fun lately. I have been pulling you up to a seated position for a long time, but somehow you figured that that isn't enough fun so you dig your feet in and make me stand you up. You look at me, like, "mom, sitting's for babies." Then that big head of yours bobbles around and you get this proud look on your cherubic face. Your eyes go a little wild and your mouth breaks into a huge grin. Your dad and I were helping you to stand last night and you cracked us up. I never knew that a baby could make me laugh so much. My soul wells up with hallelujahs.


Anonymous said...

I am so super excited to spend the weekend with you guys!! I can't wait to play with her and give her big smooches!

Aunt Dani

Anonymous said...

Congratulations big girl! Standing up? I can't wait to see your moves next month.

Lots of love,

Their Giant said...

We are very much looking forward to seeing you next week! :) And having fun on the beach!!!