Sunday, September 24, 2006

5 month old mini-maid

Dear Claire,
You are sleeping like a champ right now and sometimes while you sleep, I start to miss you. The past week you have been a trooper as you followed Auntie Julie around while we prepped for her wedding. You attended multiple showers, bachelorette parties, dinners and even an overnight girls' trip to the coast before the big day. You didn't tire of our goofy gifts and silly advice. You didn't even scream when you saw mama in loads of makeup and fancy hair. For me, the biggest treat of Julie and Niel's wedding day was looking out into the audience and seeing my little family. You were strapped to daddy in the baby bjorn, relaxed and sleeping. Of course, he did a wonderful job of caring for you while I did my 'maidly duties, but I was happy to have you back in my arms as soon as Niel kissed his bride.
I love you, pooper.
Love, Mama
PS. I love this picture of you two, your new thing is putting your little arm around people. Also, wedding photos to come when our "Denver Correspondent" checks in :)


Anonymous said...

i love that little arm number. what a doll!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my GOSH!! What a pair! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

I felt honored to have such a precious little one be a part of my special time, I think the only thing she missed was the Limo ride. Thanks to mama Curtis for being a Beautiful supportive Bridesmaid. I love the Curtis family :-)