Thursday, September 14, 2006

sick girl.

Last night Claire got her first little cold. At the moment she is resting with her head on my chest and somehow I'm managing to type this with all 15 lbs of her draped across me. She's been moaning in her sleep, which is sort of cute, if a little sad. Last night, we let her sleep between us in the big bed. She woke every couple of hours to 1) kick me in the c-section scar 2)nurse, clearly for comfort, rather than hunger or 3)scream like we were the ones kicking her in her c-section scar. It was a long night. Thankfully, my job right now is to take care of this little one, so I didn't have to scrape myself off of the bed and into the shower this morning. Instead, I changed her diaper, draped Claire across my chest and let us both sleep it off.


Anonymous said...

oh poor little one! your auntie woke up with a cold this morning too! I feel your pain baby cakes!....Kari hang in there your such a trooper!

Aunt Dani

Anonymous said...

Poor baby! (To all of you!) I can totaly relate to the comfort nursing. It breaks your heart when they are so miserable!!!