Thursday, October 05, 2006

about a day.

Yesterday was the kind of day that makes me proud to be a mother. Claire and I drove up to Portland for a little spice-getting adventure. We sang in the car (mostly I sang while she made her noises), I remembered to bring extra toys to keep her entertained and took things at a good pace for a five month old. Before heading home, we stopped at the mall to get Claire's haloween costume, while there, I changed the World's Sickest Diaper. I was feeling pretty great about my mad mothering skills when I realized that my child would have to go comando for the first time in her little life, as I had forgotten clean diapers in my well-stocked bag. Sweet. Returning the World's Sickest Diaper to her now clean bum wasn't an option as the thing had definitely reached capacity. Claire gave me a confused look as I pulled up the now gaping onesie. We dashed out of mall in search of a fresh diaper. Thankfully, we made it to the car in time to avoid the embarassing spectacle that is public urination.

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Anonymous said...

It's good to know I'm not the only one that forgets to refill the diaperbag sometimes. Here's to Super Poops and Public Urination!!