Wednesday, October 25, 2006


This has been a big month of firsts for you. You now roll over like a pro. You especially like to roll when I'm not watching you closely enough. This month, I cut off your little mullet. You discovered the joy of squealing (loudly, and usually at inopportune moments). You LOVE to wave. You make a noise, that to us sounds like you're saying "hi," in a slow, Southern way. You have 2 teeth! You attempt to sit up all of the time. You had a major fall about 2 weeks ago that made me cry. You suck your big toes. You don't mind the car at all any more. You love to listen to the Shins, Great Lake Swimmers and Jack Johnson. Roby Duke makes you very, very sleepy. Leaving the pool brings you to tears. Pears are the devil's fruit, bananas are okay but mama's milk is still your meal of choice.
You are such an exuberant, fun girl. You're the kind of baby that makes people stop and tell me how pretty you are. They're right.
I love you, pooper.