Saturday, November 18, 2006

conversation deconstructed.

"How old is your baby?"
Translation: Is your baby around my baby's age? Let's hang out some time, I'm dying for an adult conversation.

"She has gorgeous eyes."
Translation: Will you be my friend?

"I'm so glad the weather is nice today."
Translation: We could totally be new best friends.

"I'll give you my number, so we can get the kids together sometime for a playdate."
Translation: Please call. Please call. Please call.

I'm finally learning the language. It has taken months for me to realize that these moms at the park are trying to make a connection. That they don't really care how old Claire is, but that they're lonely too. This week I met two moms at the park. They seemed normal and fun and well, I could really use a mommy friend.

It's not like childhood. Making mommy friends is an art. Oh, how I wish there were some Milsteads close by. I would totally ask Ang how old Clark was and defintely try and set up a playdate.

*I searched our attic for a photo of us in when we were small and in white dresses from our first communion. Unfortunately, our attic is a total zoo and the best I could find was this shot of us taken before babies and c-sections and many sleepless nights.


Anonymous said...

You nailed it!

Anonymous said...

I would like a close by mommy friend. Although Salem is much closer than Ohio...

Anonymous said...

I think I have that picture with the confirmation dresses.....oh, yea, it's probably in California.

Their Giant said...

You may notice that I cropped our friend in Ohio out of this one. I wasn't sure if she had gotten a chance to tell you and I didn't want to "out" her. Great news!