Monday, November 06, 2006

Dear Internet,

After 121 posts, I am coming to you with a request. I need a goofy name for my mother. I love it when babies call their grandparents silly sounding names. I have been calling her Grandma Anna, but Claire has an Aunt Anna, so that just won’t do. Also, the woman relocated several thousand miles for the baby, the least she could get in return is a funny name. Plus, I like the having an excuse to call Mom something other than mom.
Will you please help?
Thank you.

PS. To the person who thinks of the best Grandma name, I will give one ultra-cute handmade Claire Barette (in pink or green)...modeled here by my ultra-cute babe.


Anonymous said...

The grandkids call my mom Nanny BUT I like Gammy :)

Anonymous said...

Oh forgot to mention.....I don't think Brayden would look very good in one of Claires barettes! LOL!


rae ann said...

my kids call my mom Tutu. it's hawaiian for grandma. no, there's not a thread of hawaiian in any of us, but my parents go there frequently and my mom loved how cute it was. the bonus: stella learned to say it shortly after "dada" and "mama." it's super easy to say. now, if you're not fond of tutu, you could use a similar technique. just google grandma and different languages and see what you like. if you end up finding a name by using my technique, do i still get a super cute barrette? :)

x's and o's to you three.

BrendaSueG said...

Ok Kari Girl, so I created a blog spot thing that I'll never do, just so I could post to this. I do have to tell you that I've had way too much fun reading this-I've always loved to read your work. Your mother will hate this, LOL, but, it has to be said....Granny Bananny-if I win, I'll make Cody or Guy wear the barrette!!!

Anonymous said...

grandma goddard (you know her by her sign language name...) was called "soft grandma" by my nieces because she was so soft and squishy when you hug her. not terribly approp. for your mas, but funny just the same.

i like the name "nanna." its just nice, and since her name is anna it rhymes...its easy, it rhymes, what's not to love?

Anonymous said...

Sean's mom always signs things "Love, Me" and when she leaves us a voicemail she always says "It's Me" and so we decided Clark should call her MeMe. That's who it's all about right? Grandma? It's all about MeMe. :)

Anonymous said...

I read your blog every once in awhile... I am a cousin of RaeAnn's. I suggest Oma. My little guy calls my mom and dad Opa and Oma. It is German and Dutch I believe for Grandpa and Grandma. Very easy to say. His first word was Opa. Good luck! Cute blog and cuter girl!

Their Giant said...

I'm loving the international suggestions..Brenda, I think you know what mom would say about anything having to do with a banana- though it's almost worth it just to see guy in a pink flower barette.

Micah Kavedzic said...

I just met a friend whose Mom wants to be called "Precious" when she becomes a grandma. Yes, I have seen "Lord of the Rings," so no, I don't recommend it. But it did make me laugh.

(Scoobs, good to read your words:)

Anonymous said...

I like Ang's & Scoob's ideas, but I also like "Grandanna". It might be a little hard for a small mouth to say until she gets a little older, though.

See you next month!

Anonymous said...

I met a lady and her grand kids call her honey cause the first grand kid when he was little heard grandpa call her honey so he did to and it stuck so they were refered to as papa and honey...its kinda cute but I really like the international idea.


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