Tuesday, November 14, 2006

for the barette.

I know that you've all been on the edge of your seats wondering what goofy name would be selected for my mom. Nate is lobbying for Grandmanna, Grandma Undertaker or McGrandma. There's still time to turn in your votes. In case you were wondering, YiaYia (pronounced yaya) is Greek for Grandma, and is the Grandma name for one of my most favorite ladies. Oma is German for Grandma, and is mom's choice. Tutu is Hawaiian for Grandma and darn cute too. Thoughts?


Holly said...

Oma all the way!

rae ann said...

yia yia sounds like too many vowels gone amuck. i'm on board with holly, but tutu's a favorite around here (both the word and definitely the person... currently prefered over mama).

go wtih tutu. if dana wins for oma, she's got two boys who's father would NEVER let them sport a barrette. it's a sign. tutu is the way to go.


Anonymous said...

Hey now... Reese would look adorable with a barrette in his hair! Oma is the only way to go!

rae ann said...

dana, we can all tell from your pictures that reese's hair is too short to hold a barette. besides, he's ALL boy... i think you would offend his masculinity if you tried to put a barette in his hair. if the prize were a tool belt, i'd let you have it.

tutu's perfect. just go ask claire. guaranteed it will be one of her first 3 words. :)

Anonymous said...

Okay RA--I'd let Reese's hair grow a little longer, put the barrette in, take a picture, put it on the blog--all if she picks *Oma*... deal?

rae ann said...

KARI! go with OMA! puh-leeeese!

***i just HAVE to see this!***