Thursday, November 16, 2006


I wish I would have thought of this. So much easier than all of this posting. I've been quite the picture of cool, running in and out of the house, discretely taking pictures of my feet while the baby naps. I'm also discovering that perhaps these fur-lined fake uggs weren't such a great idea. I wanted to be warm and cozy, but instead I think I look like Wolverine. All because I wanted to avoid another winter of Newberg Leg.*

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Holly said...

Down with Newberg Leg! And Oxford Leg. I just bought some Uggs myself - found them cheap online from some store in New Zealand. I resisted the trend for a long time, but my feet are cold and they need to be warm. They'll be here in a week-ish. I can't wait to have warm feet - Wolverine or not!