Thursday, November 30, 2006

trying to get myself dooced out of gradschool

My wonderful mother (Claire’s Oma) came all the way to our house tonight to watch the girl while Nate worked late and I tried to pump out some nearly overdue homework. I started out on my computer, but the keyboard decided it would be awesome if a button or two stuck (this has never happened before). Sections of my paper ended up looking like I let Claire or Lindsay Lohan type it for me. I then moved into the living room and began working feverishly on Nate’s laptop. The whole time, my girl is fussing because she knows I’m home and is wondering why in the world I’m not hanging out with her. I’m researching this stuff that seems so silly and small compared to her cries and begin to wonder the same thing. I put down my books and the laptop and she instantly settles on in my arms. So, not surprising, it turns out that the thing I'm best at isn't writing papers or being a graduate student.
I have a few parting thoughts for the insanity, but I'll save that for another post.


Anonymous said...

man by time I see you two claire girl will be 8months! holy tushies! man thats crazy she is so big and last time I saw her she wasn't sitting up yet! oh i miss her so much, well you and Nate too of course!
Aunt Dani

momaof4 said...

Are you going to try and explain that to the Prof's? :)
Good luck finishing all that work!!

Holly said...

Awww, you two kill me with your cuteness. Down with homework. Now you have a far more valid distraction than the trampoline!

rae ann said...

so... are you abandoning your pursuit of a higher education for even more cuddles from one of the cutest babies in the universe?

they're such a distraction, aren't they? stella used to go to the office with me until she was about 4 months. i had to quit because she would lay next to my desk and giggle or (fake) cough out of no where just to get my attention. it was heartbreaking and sweet and i just couldn't take it. we quit our job and thus began our days of staying in our jammies and long walks.

Their Giant said...

Thankfully, this big project isn't due until the end of the week, so I have a bit of time and hopefully won't have to ask my prof for an extension- especially because I don't have a great excuse for why I didn't start it sooner. As for Rae's question, yeah, I think I'm going to just be a mom for a while.

Anonymous said...

What a great picture!

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