Thursday, December 21, 2006

about a wednesday.

I always love those posts detailing the mundane aspects of a day. Here's mine:
3:50 AM Claire cries into the monitor, I try to ignore her.
3:53 AM Claire cries louder, I stumble to her room, nurse her and put her back in her crib.
4:02 AM Thankfully, the girl eats fast. I place her back in her crib, turn on the "aquarium thing" and tiptoe back to our bedroom.
4:10 AM I sing a small song of praise for the aquarium thing.
6:59 AM Claire begins to stir in her bedroom, I bring her into our bed, and we hang out, cuddle and wrestle.
8:22 AM I nuzzle Claire's neck and notice a funk. Claire and I take a bath together. Splashing, kicking and fun for all.
9:30 AM Claire goes down for a nap. I catch up on blogs, send emails, throw a few loads of laundry in and start my Bible study.
10:10 AM Phone call. Talk for a bit, abandon study.
11:10 AM Claire wakes up, pink-cheeked and disoriented.
11:20 AM Against my better judgment, I decide to go to the gym.
11:38 AM Drop Claire off at the gym's childcare. Childcare worker reminds me that they close at noon. Awesome. Eighteen minutes of eliptical.
12:05 PM Attempt to stop by the grocery store on the way home for some last minute holiday treats.
12:10 PM Claire begins to scream. Locate binky. Remember that Claire hasn't eaten since morning. Abandon cart.
1:40 PM Claire has eaten lunch, played, had a dance party and a few books. Again, it is naptime.
2:00 PM The phone rings. The girl stirs. I attempt to pat, rock and sing her back to sleep.
2:15 PM She refuses.
2:30 PM Give up nap. I load the girl into the car to get the stuff to make the treats.
3:20 PM Return home, with the wrong kind of chocolate. Eat 1/4 of the bag of chocolate since it won't work for my treats. The girl rubs her eyes and lays back down for a catnap.
4:15 PM I watch Julia Roberts on Oprah while Claire nurses. I can't believe Julia Roberts has had 2 babies. Silently curse Julia Roberts.
4:33 PM Turn off Oprah. Begin to make dinner. (It's chilakilla night).
5:15 PM Dinner is ready, quickly burn banana bread.
5:22 PM Nate comes home, we eat, he plays with Claire while I do the dishes.
6:53 PM Nate rocks Claire for about 2 minutes. He turns the Roby Duke CD to #1. I really hate that CD. We sit side by side with our laptops listening to the CD through Claire's monitor and type. You can be certain that before the end of the night there will be a few jokes about the CD, a blog post and more laundry.


Anonymous said...

that girl ROCKS the black velour.

Anonymous said...

your wednesdays sound like my days, too.. when i'm not having to trudge to dreaded work. i'm glad andrew and claire are on similar eating/sleeping/drooling schedules. If only andrew did more cute stuff like waving and clapping. Trade for crawling (it's not all it's cracked up to be)? God bless you & Nate, and little Claire too.. i'm a new fan of your blog, blogger!

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