Friday, January 05, 2007

morning tea.

Inexplicably, I woke up at 5:30 and decided to make a very complicated recipe for tea. Nate leaves early on Friday mornings and I can count on the girl to sleep until at least 7:00. In my defense, if I had read the recipe completely before beginning, I might have just waited for Claire to wake up and walked to our neighborhood coffee stop for my favorite non-Oregon brand. In my mind, making homemade chai would just involve mixing and boiling. I mean, it's tea, right? Despite how silly I felt for choosing teamaking over sleep, I found a ridiculous amount of satisfaction in seeing this little project to completion. I think that's one of the hardest parts of being a mother. It's all laundry and songs and diapers and it never really ends. For a to-do list kind of person, this can be frustrating. For any kind of person, this can be frustrating.

We have all been working on getting our feet back under us after being sick. I've started and stopped writing these incoherent little blog posts about our week. The truth is, we're tired. Naptimes have been frustrating. We haven't seen the sun in weeks. We've been snarky and have argued about the dog.

Despite frustration and being ridiculously tired, I am thankful. I love these pictures of Claire.
Here she is looking like her daddy, in a pink mini-skirt.
And also like me in jammies with giraffes.


Anonymous said...

okay, i can't make any promises, but i'm at least going to start planning a trip out west soon. it's been too long! seeing as how i'm basically unemployed at the moment, "soon" may be 3 years from now:) however, ideally, it would be this summer. we shall see.

Anonymous said...

You hit a very important point in this post. It's one I still struggle with after 10 years of mothering. Expectations are so important. It's interesting that just making a cup of tea now makes your day, when previously so many things could be accomplished at any given time. I need to remember these things in my own life, and sometimes just enjoy the cup of tea and forget about the rest.

Anonymous said...

I drank chai tea today and thought of you two lovely ladys! and how I miss you three very mucH!


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