Tuesday, January 23, 2007

post 164

We've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus the past week, due mostly to long work hours for Nate and long nights for all of us. Claire has been sprouting (more!) teeth...she now has eight of them and with each one, a long, long night is part of the process.

At the request of the Oma, I am posting a picture from our walk to the park this afternoon. She's looking under-whelmed as this was taken when it was time to head home. The highlight for me was watching my small girl try to make eye contact with the "big kids" on the slide. They were oblivious to her, but she kept puffing up her little chest and waving in their direction.

Developmentally, Claire is pretty hilarious. She expresses no interest in crawling. She will occasionally crawl backward and then cry when she finds herself across the room. She has been waving for months and now claps all of the time. I feel like I have an adorable, tiny cheering section with me all day.