Tuesday, January 09, 2007

putting the "f" in fiasco since 2004

Have you ever had one of those days when you shouldn't have gotten out of bed? What do you do when you have one of those days and you have a baby? The obvious answer is, you get out of bed. What should have also been obvious to us was that perhaps this wasn't the weekend to attempt a little mini-trip. Here are some shots from what Nate and I agree to be the strangest weekend of our marriage. We spent Friday and Saturday at a silly hotel with a heated outdoor pool, not really an option for the girl considering she just got over an ear infection. But we had a nice photo shoot anyway.
Later, in her element, sliding backward. Our floors need some TLC.

And here we are (amazingly smiling with eyebrows down) considering levels of teething drama and upset routine drama our girl had achieved the night before.
Feeling thankful to be home. Feeling thankful that Nate has all of those brothers and sisters so he at least one of us knows what to do.

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