Tuesday, January 16, 2007

snow day.

I remember as a child being thrilled with the prospect of a snow day. These days were spent attempting to make ice cream from the slush in our front yard with my best friend, Stacy. Today, I will not be mixing vanilla and cinnamon in a big bowl with snow and feeding it to my little brother. Instead, I will continue to work on naps with Claire and hang out inside with the heater cranked up. Nap training is going well. It's amazing what a dark room and a very determined mommy can accomplish. Nights are getting better and I am enjoying the newfound ability to think. The girl has been napping for over an hour this morning. I even started putting together a rather complicated tomatoe-y tart for dinner and it's not even noon yet. I'm wearing actual clothing. I've showered. I'm starting to wonder about me.


Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel better, I've always wondered about you. :) Just kidding. I am happy for your new-found sanity.
C. Bill

Anonymous said...

i love her excited expression in the second photo. i'm pretty sure my face did that same thing when i heard school was cancelled today.
snow day!!

momaof4 said...

She is so cute!!
I am glad you are finding a new you, Mommy and all. Missed visiting with you today. Glad you enjoyed the snow and makeing dinner!