Thursday, January 11, 2007

this woman's work.

In an effort to end weeks of sleep deprivation for both mother and child, Claire and I have been laying low this week. I knew that something needed to change when I jumped out of bed one night to check on Claire and put on my jacket. Then, I accidentally almost slapped the salesperson at Borders while buying this woman's book. The saleswoman innocently commented that I was lucky to be able to "play" while she was "working." To me, hanging out in a bookstore all day sounded way more fun than implementing a more rigid sleep schedule, but I know, greener grasses and all of that. Some parts of being at home with Claire are just a lot of work.
I am partly through a teaching degree, still wondering if I'll ever officially teach, but quite certain that I have been teaching my butt off this week. Here is a shot of a very happy girl swinging in the afternoon during her "recess."
For the record, the "sleep lady" method seems to be working. For those, like myself, who don't have the heart to "ferberize," this method might be worth a look. There are still tears, but after only a couple of days, it's getting easier. I also really like how she says that in her experience with kids, those who are especially bright often have a hard time with sleep. She probably is just saying this to be nice to us tired, gullible types, but, these are encouraging words for those of us with bleary eyes and miniature nighttime party animals.