Monday, February 19, 2007

his name is dan.

You may be wondering where I found a photo of Jason Lee. The crazy-haired blond boy on the right would grow up to become my Nate and on his left is his Dad. This weekend we celebrated Grandpa's 60th birthday. During the party Claire sat on her Grandpa's knee and giggled. I am so blessed that my girl has Grandpa and Papa in her life. We like to blame the facial hair, but the truth is she loves these guys.

Claire is deeply entrenched in the dada phase. She is crazy about him, and when we ween, I'm afraid she will have no need for me at all. She and I wrote Grandpa a little card for his celebration. It read: "thank you for teaching my dada how to be a daddy."

Thanks, Dan. You did good.

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Holly said...

Grandpas really rule and I'm so glad Claire has one. Mine used to crack Easter eggs on my forehead (gently!) and take me fishing with giant marshmallows, both of which definitely made me giggle.