Sunday, February 18, 2007

is the routine for the girl or is the routine for the mama?

We signed papers. And we have keys. Internet, can I please have a hug? Nate worked his tail off this weekend transforming the living room of our new house into a (giant) cozy nest. Claire and I ran around like crazy-women buying supplies and (attempting) to maintain her great little nap routine. It's amazing how little can be accomplished when the "awake window" is only 3 hours. I think the disruption in routine is harder for me than it is for her. I am very committed to the routine and I LOVE naptime. It is also hard for me to not be more involved in the physical labor parts of our new place.

Hours Claire normally naps any given day: 2.5
Hours Claire napped on Sunday: 1
Boxes packed: 1
Coats of paint: 4
Trips to Home Depot: 8
Likelihood that the kitchen cupboards will be painted before Saturday: 0

So, we're moving on Saturday and the girl is asleep. Less blogging, more packing.

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Holly said...

Congratulations Kar! That's so exciting. A big hug from the internet to you.