Saturday, February 10, 2007

love. love. love.

This weekend for the first time, there was legitimate forward crawling.
And also standing without help. And so much sweetness, I thought my heart would burst from my chest.

Claire has been working on little sounds to go with her waves and clapping. I'm watching her move from being a baby to being a girl. It's magical. Five minutes ago, we were bringing her home and snuggling her into the bassinet. Now she has opinions about foods, she lifts her tiny foot toward us when we put her socks on and she chatters on and on all day. With determined concentration, she pulls herself up using the furniture.

And I get to watch all of it. I wonder if I'll ever stop being amazed by her. If I'll ever stop being amazed by each new development. If I'll ever stop whispering, "You came from me?"

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Anonymous said...

Nope, never.