Tuesday, March 13, 2007

not mentioning any names.

Our fridge is covered with pictures of friends' babies, wedding invitations and magnetic business cards from our mortgage broker. Saturday, one of my oldest friends was over, helping me paint Claire's bedroom. Here's a snipet of our conversation.

Her: "Kar, I know I've asked you before, but whose baby is this?"
Me: "Um. That's Claire."
H: "Really?"
M: "Yeah, it's from fourth of July."
H: "Really?"
M: "You were there."
H: "Oh. I guess she looks different now."


Anonymous said...

haha thats sounds like something little aunt melissa would do. you should post that picture on here.

Aunt Dani

rae ann said...

too funny! people are constantly asking who the babies on my fridge are and then mixing up SJP and lulu's early baby photos. cracks me up considering the fact that i don't think they look much a like.

that's an adorable shot of the girl.

Anonymous said...

who could it possibly be? this mystery is driving me crazy. funny girl, she asked about that same picture on moving day too.


Anonymous said...

That would totally be something I would do. Although I know I wasn't the culprit of this one :)

Holly said...

Hee hee, I miss that girl and her questions.

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