Wednesday, March 21, 2007

rundown. literally.

Guess who was not at our local Emergency Room last night?

That would have been fun.

Sadly, no.

Would have been McWonderful.

The short version: Emergency Rooms are busy, busy places. A little girl with a big fever ranks way under corned beef sandwiches, splinting a ten year old's arm and helping a grandma to breathe. We are tired. There is much more to say. The girl is fine, she's resting and comfortable and smiling again. We are reminded that we are still so new at this.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so sorry Claire is sick. I hope she gets well very soon!!

momaof4 said...

My brother n law works in the er. Bet he wishes some of the doctors looke/acted like that too :)

Hope Claire is better soon. Well by Sat. cause I am looking forward to that time...

I am selfish for sure. Sorry!!!

Holly said...

Oh yuck, I'm very sorry. :( I hate hospitals, especially the ER. They are definitely only fun and filled with beautiful people on TV, which really sucks. It's McSucky. Get well soon, Claire.

Alida said...

Oh, poor all of you! I hate the ER, but I've learned that when you have kids, the ER is as much a part of the deal as cute smiles and poopy diapers. I hope your cutie feels better.