Thursday, March 08, 2007

a secondary big.

I was starting to think that the house and I had reached an understanding. This week had been relatively pain-free compared to last. I have been careful with my words about and have praised the heck out of the house, but it is obvious that it is still in a fighting mood. Tonight, while I was making dinner, I set off the smoke alarm. This is a frequent occurence in my kitchen. The smoke alarm at this house is located above the washing machine, and in order to turn it off, one must jump up onto the machine and push a button on the alarm. This is actually an improvement over the set-up at the old house, where I would beat the smoke alarm with a broom handle until the thing crashed to the ground and turned off. As I jumped from the washing machine, I landed on my second toe (pointer toe? index toe?) and it has since plumped up to a disturbing size.

I took a photo of the toe to post here, and while I would love your sympathy for my (newest) injury, I am physically unable to post a photo of my horribly pealing pedicure from December. Instead, more beautiful baby!

So much better than a freakishly large toe.


momaof4 said...

OH!! I have heard of people breaking there leg doing that girl!! I hope it feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

your baby is waay cute your right much more enjoyable then your over sized toe, but that still would have been cool to see! haha
daniellie bobellie