Sunday, April 08, 2007

easter morning.

Last Easter we ate Mexican food and jumped a camper bus. We were a couple expecting a baby. Now she is here. Today is her last first holiday in a year of firsts.

I have a question for you in the hypothetical. Is there any reason you would not blog about your child's life? Are there topics that are off limits? I have been silent this week as I ponder these questions. When I started this blog it was at the beginning of pregnancy that took me by surprise. It was a way to say the things that were hard to say to the people I love. Mostly, it was a way to say, "um, I'm pregnant." I had no idea that I would continue to write about Claire after she was on the outside. I had no idea anyone would read.

I didn't anticipate how much I would grow to appreciate the community of mothers and nonmothers who read my little goofy stories and love letters to my child, during this hard, and most exhausting year.

So, back to the question. Do you think about the impact of your blog on your child? Do you think about private information being shared in such a public way? Are there people that you wouldn't want to share your blog with? What would you do if they found it? Would you stop writing?


The Godels said...

Oh my gosh Sis! She is getting to be so darn cute. Not that she wasn't before. Why wasn't it until today's blog that I realize what beautiful red hair she has?..........hmmmmmm

I can't wait to see you guys! Almost a month now..........

See you then.

Love your Little Bro!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...first off - how much does Claire look like Grandma Anna in that picture?

2nd - I love your blog...but if I blogged, I would probably make mine "private", viewable only by people I had invited to see it...because I'm difficult like that. :)

momaof4 said...

Wow, that is a lot to think about. I have not thought of it that way before. We will have to talk about it ;)

Anonymous said...

Good questions! I guess for me it depends on the purpose of each individual's blog. My purpose is to write about things that happen in my family that I know I will forget later on. I hope that my kids will read it and appreciate the things that I say about their lives.

And my blog is also my place to share about what's going on with me. It's kind of a venting place for my thoughts in a way.

I would say there are off limits topics, and I don't write anything that I would be embarrassed that someone else read, because you never know who will find their way to your blog.

That's just me!