Monday, June 25, 2007


Dear Claire,
There is so much to tell you. Of all of your ages, this has been my favorite. There are moments when I miss the delicate cuddle monkey that you once were, curled up on my chest after nursing, but you at 14 months are so much fun. Your drink of choice is goat's milk, and if an uninformed grandma thinks she's going to feed it to you, you let her know that you can handle it yourself. You're a big girl like that.

You had so many firsts at 14 months. You walked. You climbed to the top of your slide and slid down unassisted. You had your first little scraped knees and your first injury involving blood. (We both cried). You also discovered that cribs make excellent climbing structures. And that ottomans sometimes hide treasures.

Of all of the firsts, my favorite has been watching you dance. I'm not sure where you picked up your moves, or who showed you reruns of SNL, but as soon as there is background music, you are rocking. I have to tell you girlie, you're not a great dancer. My first thought when I saw you dancing, was, did she learn that from me? You get this dead serious, maniacal expression and full-force head bob. It is hilarious. We'll need to work on dance moves before you hit junior high. Thankfully, we have tons of time.



Anonymous said...

Uninformed grandma LOVES to help with the goatsmilk,even when she isn't needed!!:) Especially when she isn't needed.... And Oh, my GOSH you made me cry again. Don't ever stop.

Alida said...

What a sweet post and grandma's comment made me cry! You guys are so cool!

Anonymous said...

How very, very, very sweet. Enjoy these next few months, Claire is going to be learning new things and exploring her world in a bunch of new ways.

rae ann said...


Anonymous said...

I want to see a video of the dancing please!!!

Kristin & Brayden

Alida said...

O love the new look and the name. Very fitting!

Anonymous said...

wow...reading all this makes me miss you guys most..I am soo sad that I am missing out on her life as well as yours I love you all! it was awesome seeing you and nate stratling but nice,

love claires crazy Aunt.

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