Friday, June 15, 2007

the dadaship.

The other night, we walked through Riverfront Park. Claire has ridden on the carousel a few times, but never with Nate. We paid for the ride, the music revved and they were off. With a grin plastered to her face and a tiny, chubby hand on her Dada's chest, the girl was in heaven. Nate caught my eye as they circled around, and a moment later, I was crying. I have officially become that mother.

Something about those chubby little fingers clinging to Nate's t-shirt. Something about her visible joy each time she spotted me in the crowd. The tears just welled up.

When I met Nate I was skeptical. He was this opinionated, eccentric guy in dirty shirts. We would take long walks and talk about why we should "just be friends." That we were "too different." Ours is not a sweep you off your feet kind of story. During our many times of uncertainty, I had this image of a child taking tentative steps toward Nate's outstretched hands, and I knew that he would make a wonderful father. And he does. Nate is still opinionated and still eccentric. Thankfully, his shirts aren't as dirty. He is my very best friend. He is also my little girl's favorite guy. He is her Dada.

We are both crazy about him.

Happy 2nd Father's Day, Mate. I love you.


Pssh.shhhh. said...

Hey Kari it was nice hanging out with you last night. Haha. I really enjoyed the sineater movie.

♥ -MC

Lion Heart said...

This is so sweet! I cry to sometimes I feel like such a girl to get so emotional about those precious moments but I just can't help it I am a girl. Theres nothing I can do about that those moments just melt my heart.

Valerie of Momia said...

She is a sweet little girl. I love the little girl/dadda relationship that I see with Josh and Makayla, too. She just adores that man!

It's funny how emotional we can get just seeing our little ones interact with our hubbies! I get teary-eyed sometimes, too. It's sweet and special.

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