Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Dear Claire,
Today you are 15 months old. To celebrate, I ran out of gas. You didn't seem to mind. We had a great time eating Cherrios and waiting for your dada to rescue us. Probably the best thing I have learned from being your mama is to slow down.

Everything is still kind of a thrill to you, so you make great company. Later, when we went to fill the tank, the people at the gas station just seemed especially friendly. I looked back to find you waving your brains out at everyone that passed us. I love that you are so ridiculously friendly. When I go places without you I notice that the people around me don't smile as much as they do when you're there.

At 15 months old, you want to walk everywhere, but your legs are still miniature and sometimes I have to carry you. I watch as you work on your little signs and attempt to communicate. The latest one is the sign for "pain." Now you do it not just when something hurts your body, but when your feelings are hurt. If I pick you up and you would rather walk, you push your tiny index fingers together indicating, "Mom, I'm offended."

Thank you for teaching me to be a little bit more friendly to strangers, to ask for help and that a red hat is always a good choice.

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