Thursday, July 19, 2007

all out of catchy titles.

There she goes again.


Anonymous said...

who you calling chump? just kidding. sorry 'bout the no napping. makes things hard on mommy for sure.

Alida said...

That is so cute. Is she going to bed earlier in the evening? It's kind of nice to have evening alone with the hubby. Just trying to find the silver lining.

Ang said...

So Claire... you napping any better lately? Hope so for you and for Mom!

Their Giant said...

thanks for looking for the silver lining, alida :)

things are getting easier...some days she's still doing the 2 naps and other days just one- that lasts around 2 hours. we're managing fine, once i got used to the change. she even slept in til 7:30 this morning, so no complaining from me!

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