Wednesday, July 11, 2007

he hates it when i post his picture.

But what can he say about a shot of his hands?

Since I have been given specific instructions about the future of a certain 35 seconds of hilarious video footage, I will give you the transcript instead.

To help Claire become comfortable on the throne, we started placing her on the potty a few seconds before bathtime. A few weeks ago, my friend Erin advised me that if I sang to her, Claire would probably stay on the potty without trying to get up and walk around. Amazingly, this strategy worked. A few nights ago, I came into the bathroom to find Claire sitting on the potty and a certain hand model singing, "that is where we go poop poop. Go poop poop. Go poop poop. That is where we go poop poop all day long."

That's right, folks. All day long.


Anonymous said...

I have one amazing poised big brother. :)


Anonymous said...

great, I am going to have that song stuck in my head "all day long..." thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe he wont let you post the video...I have been waiting to see it. LOL!

Kristin & Brayden

Leslie said...

Now that is cute! I love the made up songs. We could produce an Anderson family CD with our songs, including:

Greasy Little Grandma
Brown Doggie
Bring it on Down

Maybe we could do a collaboration CD sometime?

Alida said...

There is potty song that goes

She's a super duper pooper!!

Sergio has strickly forbidden me from singing it to the kids. He is afraid if he takes them to the bathroom they'll demand the a public facility!!!

What fun...hang in there

Holly said...

OK, now I have that poop song lodged firmly in my head and I don't even know the tune!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! nate and claire can both be honorary members of kershner house. way to sing about poop!

Joshua & Valerie said...

Wow, begining potty training already? She's growing up too fast!!

Loved the song. Loved it!