Friday, August 17, 2007

operating instructions.

* Take her to the park. No, not that park. The nice one. Let her waddle around and climb on stuff. Let her "drive" the little cars. Keep her away from that little girl that likes to pull on kids' legs. Wear your wedding ring.
* The diaper bag is stocked and ungirlified. Not a tampon to be found. Enjoy. Check the pockets for reinforcements and treats. Mama knows, it can be rough.
* Plan to get nothing done. I promise not to complain no matter what state the house is in when I return. There, it's in writing.
* Lastly, I may accidentally hug the girl first when I get home. She is tiny and has that delicious baby smell. How can you compete with that? I know we'll all be fine. That it is only a couple of days. If I worry or overhelp or call five thousand times, it's only because I'm still new at this. New at leaving this chunk of my heart behind. It's only possible because you're here to guard her and carry her while I'm gone.


Alida said...

Kari, I love this post! They will be fine, you know that right? Even if she doesn't get lunch precisely at the time you feed her, or she goes to bed without a bath (That's the thing here, he bathes them only if I'm here!)They'll be alright and so will you. Have a great time, enjoy and miss them both terribly. (you know you will.)

I especially like the "wear your wedding ring."

Anonymous said...

Made me cry again, sister....whatamigonnadowithyou?? I love you, have a great time. I don't know if it's possible, but you'll love and appreciate them both even more when you get home.

Anonymous said...

We made it threw but it sure was nice when the mother ship landed.

Anonymous said...

(I mean through)

Hosmerita said...

I love that Nate commented. I had a blast with you last weekend. You are on my list of super nifty people. I will take you up on the whole gym thing. My goal is be a hotty before Richard comes back home. Hmmm is that asking too much? Maybe. I love the instructions. I asked Richard if he wanted me to make a list of medication doses (ex. Benedryl just in case, Ibuprofen, Clairitin) He said no and then as I was walking out the door he had me write the list.
Remember how I told you that he did the laundry and all the dishes while I was gone.
It turns out there was only one load of laundry to dry and he only put away his clothes. But I walk into the beroom and there are his clothes in a basket at the end of the bed.
He DID do the dishes. Good boy he can load a dishwasher.