Monday, August 06, 2007

a small lesson.

If your child is attached to a "lovey" and this lovey helps her to sleep, you might discourage her from directing her devotion to a stuffed bear that is only available at Christmastime. Alternately, a supply of duplicate lovies in the basement could really come in handy.
A Sunday experiment with cow's milk went terribly, terribly wrong. Teddy took the brunt of it. Thankfully, the rest of us are washable.

Monday, when every ounce of cow's milk had left her little body, Claire and I went to Macy's and tried out new lovies. After hugging lambs and bears and kitties, she settled for a floppy eared puppy. He hung out with us for storytime and songs and by the time I tucked her in, she had a new best friend.


Holly said...

Aw, poor Teddy! He looks so dejected.

Ang said...

I hope you bought 2 puppies...? Poor Teddy and Claire.

Alida said...

Jude had a spitter. It's a plastic dinosaur that would literally go everywhere with us from the time he was 4 until the age of 10. (I'm not kidding) We have 4 of them. They are now safely tucked in a box. Jude will let Luke play with them and then he tucks them back into their box before he goes to least that's what he tells us.

Their Giant said...

Alida, that's hilarious!

I only bought one puppy yesterday. I wanted to make sure she was into him- she is. We'll be returning to Macy's to get another pup tomorrow (thankfully, he was on clearance).

Lion Heart said...

aww so sweet that she has a lovey!

Hosmerita said...

Yes duplicates are a must. Go buy five. Even when they say they aren't washable they really are. Give Teddy a spin in the washer and dryer. I am sure he wil enjoy the thrill of his life.
I wash Ava's do not wash puppy every week. So far so good. I have been eyeing replacements online though.

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