Thursday, August 23, 2007

thursday mourning.

I feel myself starting to hunker down. Scheming up big indoor projects in preparation for another Pacific Northwest fall and winter (and spring). This summer felt like my first real summer as a mother. Last summer was a blur of late night feedings and exhaustion. This summer, we camped, we played, we swam, we biked, we ate sand.

Being at home with Claire is about a million times easier when the weather cooperates. What do you do with an energetic toddler who is used to playing outside everyday when it is pouring? How do you cope when the playgrounds are slick and the trails are muddy? I am the only one who is a tiny bit nervous?

Photo courtesy of the lovely Mrs. Miller, taken on our yearly family beach trip to rugged campsites and a cabin with cable TV.


Glory Laine said...

Yum sand. Hey! How about you could fry some zucchini and instead of bread crumb you could use sand. I don't cook much so I'm not sure but I think it would be nice and crunchy.

Alida said...

My advice, don't go out spending big bucks to keep her busy.

Pots, pans, empty boxes, anything that can be stacked. TUPPERWARE!

These should keep her busy well into next spring.

katie said...

Hey kari.. I totally agree with the comment from alida..... My tricks...I learned to love baking with my kids... I realized the floor can be mopped and egg shells never killed anyone, I also am a big fan of pots and pans... I make a ton of bubbles in the sink and fill the pots up just with the bubbles, give the kid a big spoon, entertainment for as long as a toddler can handle it... also get some good rain boots and a jacket... mud puddle jumping is a ton a fun with a toddler... and a warm bath afterward can fill an afternoon...
Just a couple of the tricks I have used...I was inspired by your blog and started my own for the family... thanks... Katie

Anonymous said...

Homeade playdough is a gift from God I say. I have a great recipe if you need it. I even bring out some real kitchen stuff. Then everyone feels like they are baking for real.

All the kids get into it-even Maggie-but don't tell her I told you!

And I agree, cooking and baking are fun too.

There's always the library too. Books are a great thing for a rainy afternoon. Or even books on tape.

Anonymous said...

And no, you are not the only one that's nervous. Mason is going to freak out when he can't be outside in the dirt every waking second.

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