Monday, August 27, 2007


What do you do when your husband takes the ROOF off of your BEDROOM?

And go directly to the park.

Thanks, Auntie Scoobs for playing photographer yesterday.


Alida said...

In planning for the worst tonight...I'll lend you my telescope. Have a wonderful, starry night.

Anonymous said...

You hope that he (or someone he knows) knows how to put the roof back on. Be sure to check out the lunar eclipse early tomorrow AM - sounds like you'll be able to see it from bed. :)

Anonymous said...

That picture is adorable! I love it.

And, why is the roof off your bedroom?

Their Giant said...

He was "fixing" the bad remodeling
that was done before we moved in :)

We have most of a roof today, so things are looking up!

Hosmerita said...

Had a blast at the park today. I love that little girl of yours. She is a hoot.

Glory Laine said...

What a spiritual leader. I am sure he was just reinacting the Bible story of the sick man needing healing. He just really wanted Claire to "get" the message.

Hosmerita said...

I shared with Richard how your hubby said "I have built a fort." Well needless to say he laughed. Let me take you back almost a year. It was Sept 4th, 2006. Richard came in and said there was a small hole in the flat roof over our hokey addition. This was 9 pm. Fast forward one hour. He completely ripped the ENTIRE roof off the addition. I could see the stars from the office. Fast forward one day, he decided that we needed trusses to make it a pitched roof. Fast forward another day... The whole roof needs to be ripped off and reroofed on the ENTIRE house just so it will all match. Welcome to my nightmare! It took awhile but we have a new roof. Come on over if you need sympathy and support. My new roof will welcome you with open arms.

Lion Heart said...

what in the world hopefully he will put it back on and asap b/c rain is a comin!

Lion Heart said...

okay i just read yourother comments looks like your in good shape for the rainy season!

Anonymous said...

Regarding a previous post about zucchini.....I just discovered zucchini parmesan. You make it like eggplant parmesan and substitute zucchini. Try it, you'll like it! Yum.

PS sorry if I spelled parmesan wrong. You know how I am about spelling the names of frys. Love you.

Holly said...

Nice snap, Scoobs!

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