Tuesday, September 11, 2007

diagnosis: toddler.

You were loading the dishwasher? Sorry about that, I'm going to need to close it...immediately. I need Cherrios. I need Cherrios. I need CHERRIOS. I'll do the sign for please, but I'm not looking you in the eye, lady. I have my pride. Must have sippy cup. I can fill it myself. I'm a big girl. Time to run. Time to dance. Time to play. Cuddle me. Rock me. Let me down.

I once joked that I suspected Claire's behaviors would warrant a diagnosis of pica. What's today? ADD? OCD? My treatment plan includes: an early nap for the girl. And for me: copious caffeine consumption.

So glad I took all of those social work classes.


Anonymous said...

I love the glimpse into the future that Claire gives me. It's easy - I look at her and say "1 year from now, TLO will be doing _________." Thanks for letting me observe & learn off your back, friend.

We are getting closer to doing the observing and learning from a much closer distance. :)

Joshua & Valerie said...

Pica? I've thought the same thing for Makayla ;) She's eaten her weight in things like paper and cardboard. It's like she REALLY wants it. I have to fight her!

Dishwasher. Yesterday Makayla climbed into the dishwasher!!!

It looks like you've got a very, very busy toddler that knows exactly what she wants, even if what she wants changes multiple times a minute!

I look forward to seeing her next week at MOPS! She's grown so much since May!

Leslie said...

Wow, it has begun. You are a professional already, since you know the secret to success is naps for her and caffeine for you-not many moms learn these tricks of the trade so early in the process!

Here's some encouragement: my girls' toddler phases were much shorter than my boy's phase. By two, they were pretty much over it. It might seem like forever, but eventually these days will be a distant memory. I promise.

Hosmerita said...

Note to self, never click on links on Kari's Blog. Ingestion of Fecal matter mentioned.
Did you look at that definition! Yuck. I like Ice, Glory Laine likes ice. But I will pass on the rocks and poop.
End of story.

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