Tuesday, September 04, 2007

goin' topless.

The roof is officially off of our house. I'm trying to remain calm. Trying to maintain our normal routine. Normal, except roofless. Normal, except that there are 6 guys pounding nails above my tiny girl's bedroom while she pretends to nap. Normal, except that we're out of Diet Coke and it's impossible to remain alert after 3 PM without a slow drip of Diet Coke.

I called Nate this afternoon to tell him I was taking the girl for a drive to try and give her a chance to nap without the soothing sounds of hard work and commands in Spanish. He suggested visiting a friend. My closest friends are the ones without kids.

Making friends as a mommy has made junior high look easy. I am as pimply and unsure as they come and my jeans are all wrong. I miss the ease that comes with plenty of time to listen. You can tell a mommy friend all about your labor, your boobs, your pregnancy weight gain all in the first five minutes, but knowing what she loves besides her family can be a tricky.
Loving Claire is the biggest thing I do right now, but I was a teacher once. I also love thai food. I took a bunch of years of dancing lessons and tap was my favorite. Oh, and my house is currently missing a roof. What about you?


Anonymous said...

I just got your e-mail, i wish I would have checked sooner, but know my house is always open... and I too am pimply, and my jeans are all wrong (and don't fit), and I feel completely socially retarded... unless of course you ask if ollie went potty in the big potty today, than I can talk your ear off for hours... I will call you tomorrow, we are home all day and you can escape here... plus I have plenty of room for you and claire to take a nap.... Katie

Glory Laine said...

Roofs are totally over-rated. Except when it's not on your house and it's raining. And I like your jeans. Will you be my friend? Check one

Anonymous said...

Dear OSB -
We may be taking steps (some could be painful, but if it doesn't hurt, is it really worth it?) to get all the bills back in one state.

Then we can be pimply & dressed wrong together.
Stay tuned.

Ang said...

the Bills in one state?!? Yay! That is happy news!

Sorry about the roof and sorry I'm back at work now. Both because we're not available for hanging out with and because I'm not available for my little guy.

Good luck with the roof and the Mommy pal hunt.

Alida said...

O.k we have to try that Thai place by Applebee's off Parkway Dr. Should we ditch the kiddies or brave a small, intimate restaurant with kids in tow?

As for friendship, Oh my sister was(is) my friend with a child. We'd just hang out all morning at each other house. I really miss that sometimes. I think my friend here though actually care less about my jeans than my sister did!

There is no perfect situation, I guess.

Hosmerita said...

Ummm... Heeelllooo!
I will be your friend. I too need a good mommy buddy or two.
Jeans all wrong...Check (The only ones I fit in are my mom's! OUCH)
Can sympathize with the roof...CHECK (Mine is done now, but I have SOOOO been there!)
Teaching thing.... Working on it
Thai Food... Tired it once, will try again.
Oh yeah, kid thing...CHECK
Ok, it works for me, how about you?

Besides you can come see your favorite baby boy!

I am here, I am ALWAYS here! I never leave, not a whole lot anyways.

I do not take responsibility for any Diva behavior that little missy may pick up from bigger little missy though!

AngieG said...

OK - years of dance!!! We need to talk. I know I don't look much like it, but I used to dance too! I taught for a few years as well. Valerie is up for a class - how about you??? Modern at Chemeketa on Tues and Thurs nights???

Their Giant said...

Angie-Heck yes. I've never done modern, but I'd totally be game. Let's talk.

Their Giant said...

oh, and Alida... I haven't been there yet. Claire loves curry and LOVES the big kids, so I'd brave it with her if you wanna try :)

Valerie of Momia said...

Yay!! I just read that you're interested in taking the modern dance class with Angie and me. Sa-weet!! I've wanted to get to know you better, and this will be a great opportunity :)

I've taken ballet, tap, and modern in college. I love to dance. I'm not that great, but I truly enjoy dancing. Modern was my favorite. I love the freedom in it. It is a beautiful dance genre.

I was a teacher, too!! I taught elementary school for five years before Makayla arrived in this world.

Thai food is great! I haven't had it in years. Is there a good Thai resturant in Salem?

I agree. Making friends now, real friends, is not easy. And, like a jr. higher, I am self conscious. "Are they being friendly to me because they want to be friends and get to know me, or are they just being nice?"

Kinda silly??