Thursday, September 20, 2007

international help desk.

It is helpful to have at least one friend who knows her way around a website. Last night after another awesome day at Chez Iderdider, I emailed a college friend, who at the moment is living the dream in the UK, with my website problems. Hayes was able to save the day with directions that even this frazzled mommy could understand. In her honor, we will load our groceries into the boot of the mini, try to work the word loo into our daily vocabulary and daydream of Clive Owen as much as possible.

At last, Claire raises a sock, triumphantly. Take that, blogger!


Anonymous said...

lookin' good kar. nice work team curtis/hayes.

looking at "love, love" does kinda make me think about teriyaki and the nick show. funny times.


Hosmerita said...

Yay for the love. Isn't it nice that there are people out there that are super computer inclined!

katie said...

also in honor of the "love" I am going to work the word "loo" into our daily vocab... I think loo sounds much better than the potty...I will also take out the word "fanny" since it means a whole other part of the body than us americans think...haaa

Glory Laine said...

I can now feel the love. Good work.

Cynthia said...

yay for the final blog product! i'd love to remodel mine, but i have no clue where to begin nor have i had time to play around with it. maybe we should talk.

as for names for a silver minivan, please allow me a little more time to let it sink in that you're driving one of those now!!!