Thursday, September 06, 2007

on provision.

Thanks, internet for the love. Our roof is reattached and looking like it has been there all along. Not surprisingly, last night we sold our high roof camper for just above what we needed to pay the roofers. There have been more moments than I can recall when we have sold some big ticket item right in time to pay for a need. Our honeymoon was financed by the sale of a baywindow bus and recently, a wee small house somehow fetched $5,000 above asking price.

I never wanted to be self-employed. I wanted security. I wanted dental insurance. In my life with Nate, I have experienced the richness of provision. Of moments like the one when a friend showed up on our doorstep with a washing machine just hours after ours spun its last load. Not to sound overly spiritual, but we have been blessed.

You can't see her hand, but in this photo, Claire has perfected the sign for "please." She fervently rubs her little chest whenever she wants or needs something. I doubt she understands what this means. She just knows "rub chest, get Teddy Graham." It's simple. She trusts that we will respond. And we do. We delight in her asking.

Even before I ask, provision is there. Even if I don't ask nicely, He cares. Kind of takes your breath away.


Anonymous said...

Amen, amen, amen! I have been wanting to post about this same topic for a long time and it just never came out right. You captured it completely.

Jason and I have experienced the same thing countless times during our years of marriage, but especially during our years of business ownership. God always provides. He is good.

On paper none of it makes sense. It is beyond our human understanding how He puts everything together at just the right time.

Anonymous said...

thanks for talking about stuff I need to hear...
updates soon...I hope...

Anonymous said...

you can praise Him anywhere. even on the internet. He IS a great provider. yaye god.

good writings friend.

love you.

Glory Laine said...

Tobin, at four years old, still uses the "more" sign when he really wants something.

rae ann said...

funny the (sometimes basic) life lessons we can learn- and relearn- from our kids. i feel like i'm constantly being reminded of who God is and what he *really* thinks of me.