Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Dear Claire,
Seriously, when did this happen?

This month you added "howareyou?" to your little vocabulary. You love babies, books and shoes. If we take ours off you quickly retrieve them and shout "shoe!shoe!shoe!" until we put them back on. It's annoying. Sometimes I just want them off, girlie.

You and I crammed into a dressing room yesterday so I could try on a few things. I was having an especially frumpy mommy day. Not that I'm blaming you, but the body just isn't what it was before you were born. Things have changed. Migrated. As I pulled another "not-right" top over my head, I caught a glimpse of you in the mirror. It's hard to criticize the person you see in the mirror when you've got your very own tiny cheering section beaming up at you. You began to wave and smile. You had already been stuck in that stroller way too long, yet you were full of joy, just smiling at me. You are too little to realize that your mama is hopelessly out of style. You only see your mama, and for now, I am enough. Anybody that can make a Gap dressing room enjoyable is my kind of girl. I am so lucky to get to spend my days with you. Your joy is contagious.


Glory Laine said...

That Coat! That Hat! So amazing. At least our kids look good.

just another A3 girl said...

that coat is the cutest thing ever! You might not think you have style Kar, but remember you get to buy and help pick out Clare's clothes and get to dress her and she always looks so fashionable! I find myself wishing half her clothes came in my size so I could wear them! So take heart, cause I think by dressing her, you're "wearing" some pretty cute stuff yourself! But also any time you want some one to tag along on those shopping trips, I'll entertain, hold, tickle, sing for, and even dance for the little gal while you try stuff on too!

Holly said...

I have to agree - that is one good look that girl is working! She looks like a little Parisienne. And I am so glad you have a cheering section in the dressing room. It can be a very dreary place otherwise.

momaof4 said...

Gap!! Wow.

She is darn cute.

I think you are too...but I didn't know you pre-mom style. Can you get cuter? Kay, I'm starting to sound like I have a thing for you. Really I love my husband, very much, thank you.

Anonymous said...

I love that Claire already knew how to give pound puppies, she's such a cool girl like that.

With a way cool mom.

Ona said...

Claire is so adorable! I just love reading your blogs. You express so much love to your little one in them.

Alida said...

O.k. I have to take issue with the Momma being out of style. That is just so not true. I was actually talking about you (to my sister)about another comment you made about dressing like a junior higher. "She dresses cool." That's what I said and I'm sticking with it. Beside look at that little fashion plate in the picture... I know you had mega influence dressing her.

She is just so adorable. (Those by the way were Luke's exact words when he saw Claire's picture.)